3D Anode Current Collector

3D Anode Current Collector

Addionics' advanced 3D Current Collector technology enhances performance, reduces production costs, and increases capacity. Our unique 3D structured foil boosts coating surface area, strengthens the bond with the active material, and creates a porous structure for better performance.

Our proprietary design minimizes degradation, improves capacity, and shortens charging time, leading to greater efficiency and longer battery life. With scalable manufacturing, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective 3D foils, making our technology accessible for diverse energy storage applications.


Addionics' advanced 3D Current Collectors offer superior performance while achieving up to 60% copper reduction, showcasing their exceptional efficiency and material optimization.

Cost Efficiency and Sustainability

Offers a cost-effective solution with a favorable price-performance ratio, measured in projected price per kilowatt-hour (kWh). By enabling the manufacturing of more foil sqm/kg, it not only delivers significant cost savings but also supports sustainable practices in the battery industry.


Applicability & Drop-in Compatibility

Seamlessly integrates into current production needs, offering a drop-in solution for easy adoption.


Enhanced Electrode Mechanical Stability

The enhanced structure reinforces the electrode, reducing the risk of deformation, cracking, or delamination during battery operation.


Highly Uniform

Exhibits exceptional uniformity, with feature sizes at least 3-5 times smaller than any other available solution.


Extended Battery Life

Contributes to longer battery life, providing sustained performance over time.

World's First 3D Copper Current Collector Manufacturing Facility

The world's first facility dedicated to producing 3D Copper Current Collectors, designed for EV battery-grade applications. This enables fast changes and flexible adjustment of the 3D porous media parameters, ensuring efficient manufacturing. Addionics' cutting-edge facility offers operational flexibility, allowing for quick setup, rapid changes, and seamless deployment. Engineers can leverage the facility's flexibility to make precise adjustments and optimize the manufacturing process. Additionally, it minimizes manpower requirements, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

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