Advanced 3D cell architecture is the future of all batteries. Our mission is to deliver a highly precise, scalable, cost-effective product that would enable any battery to perform better, and at lower costs.

3D is the future, our mission is to make it happen.

Addionics is a leading manufacturer of 3D Current Collectorspowering the next generation of batteries

While other battery companies focus on improving the chemical composition of batteries, Addionics has revolutionized the physical structure of the battery, significantly improving the performance of any battery regardless of its chemistry.
Addionics’ low-cost, drop-in solution seamlessly integrates into existing production facilities, allowing battery manufacturers and automakers to increase production capacity while reducing manufacturing costs. Designed for commercial scale, Addionics has partnerships with major OEMs and automakers across North America and Europe.

Our vision is to integrate our solution into any battery in the world to accelerate electrification, and create a better future. For everyone.


We did not invent the concept of 3D metal structures for battery electrodes. The concept and its benefits were previously mentioned by the academia while some companies tried to integrate these structures into batteries by using products from different industries. However, their efforts were unsuccessful, due to the lack of a battery-graded product. This means that there was no manufacturing process dedicated to battery current collectors, and this is exactly what we have been focusing on since day one.This is exactly what we have been focusing on since day one.

Addionics develops and manufactures advanced 3D Current Collectors for the entire EV battery industry, by using its novel patent-protected, scalable, cost-effective and highly precise production methods.

Company Culture 

Our shared values come down to a strong culture that is substantive and authentic. 

Extraordinary things happen at Addionics as our shared values, culture, and communication allow us to grow and fulfill Addionics’ vision, purpose and goals.

Execution & Ownership

Our team members are not just employees; they are domain owners, each taking full responsibility for their area of expertise. When we work together, we agree to a process and commit to one another and achieving our collective goals. We will do what it takes to execute to deliver results to our partners, employees, peers or managers.

Client Driven

Our decision-making is guided by the goal of advancing client engagements and meeting their requirements. We are eager to deliver our products to customers early and often, and actively seek their feedback. Maintaining our commitments to clients, both internal and external, is a cornerstone of our business ethos.

Agile & Daring

We move fast: we push to always accelerate personal growth and company milestones. We embrace risk-taking as a pathway to innovation and progress. We make decisions quickly, aren't afraid of risk in our decision making, and respond quickly to market needs.