A low-cost drop-in solution, creating the only high power & high energy battery, without compromises.

Addionics 3D Current Collectors

Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries by redesigning their architecture. With our patent-protected scalable 3D Current Collector fabrication method, we enhance battery performance: capacity, safety, charging time, lifetime, and cost of the batteries.

Addionics’ novel 3D structure minimizes the internal resistance and improves mechanical longevity, thermal stability and other fundamental limitations and degradation factors in standard batteries.

This process results in a significant step-change in production costs and the performance of all key battery characteristics simultaneously.

We Bet on the Race, not on the Horse

While most companies try to improve batteries by focusing on the chemistry, we focus on the physics. ֿThis allows us to achieve significant improvements in battery performance for any battery chemistry.

How it Works

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How is new battery technology design transforming the battery industry?

Creating Better Current Collectors Using AI

Addionics employs unique in-house optimization, artificial intelligence (AI), and a modeling platform that integrates into a battery’s hardware to create a smart, complete solution.

The software uses AI-based and structure optimization algorithms that can predict and determine the best structure according to the application requirements. This platform also helps Addionics to protect its IP, accelerate development, optimize processes, and reduce production costs.