Advanced 3D Current Collectors for the next generation of batteries

Platform Enabling Technology

Platform Enabling Technology.

3D Current Collectors allow cheaper, lighter, faster-charging, and more conductive batteries. The unique architecture and porous nature allow a higher loading of the active material, while reducing weight and cost.

3D is the future, and we're making it a reality

Designed for Production

Addionics’ drop-in solution can be seamlessly integrated into any battery assembly line. Our advanced 3D Current Collectors are coated by the market’s traditional processes. This makes the technology chemistry agnostic to enable the next generation of batteries for any kind of battery chemistry, existing and emerging.

Addionics 3D Current Collector technology is a chemistry agnostic solution, enabling the next generation of batteries for any kind of battery chemistry, existing and emerging.

More GWh -
Less Cost

Addionics enables higher output while also achieving greater savings

Up to 60% less copper and aluminum, an efficient manufacturing process, and fewer layers, all with higher energy density


Higher power, faster charging, more energy-dense, and lower cost with no safety and lifecycle compromises


Harnessing AI and Modeling for Structure Performance Optimization

A proprietary battery cell modeling platform guides Addionics' 3D manufacturing, optimizing battery structures for specific performance outcomes.

A Greener Future Through Circular Economy-Led Technologies


Addionics’ manufacturing process turns recycled scraps of copper into advanced current collectors.

The technology reduces emissions during production by optimizing the electrodes’ drying process and minimizing material use. Along with improved vehicle efficiency, this can impact the industry and the global effort of decarbonization.


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